How kids really feel about divorce

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When it comes to divorce, everyone is concerned about the kids. Not that everyone who divorces has kids, but we don’t seem to have as much angst about child-free couples who divorce as we do about those who have kids — especially young kids.

For all our studies about how divorce impacts kids, ranging from the doom and gloom genre to “the kids are all right” variety, we don’t seem to ask the most important people of all what they think — the kids themselves.

Ellen Bruno did.

The longtime San Francisco filmmaker and international relief worker interviewed a handful of children aged 6 to 12 about their feelings about their parents’ divorce for her nearly completed documentary, Split.

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Becoming A Stepmom: 3 Strategies For Success

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Are you a current or prospective stepmom? For most people, taking on the role of stepparent is an entirely new experience, and presents challenges even the best prepared stepmom couldn’t have imagined. Have your partner’s children been adversarial? Maybe they shut down and you feel like you can’t connect with them. Do you feel lost about how to deal with the changes that are swirling around you?

My mother and I, who both grew up in divorced families and dealt with stepparents of our own, interviewed more than 200 adult daughters of divorce for our forthcoming book, Love We Can Be Sure Of. While they spoke about many issues, their dealings with their stepmoms were especially poignant. Their stories may help you.

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By  Tracy E. Clifford for Huffpost Divorce